More than 300 soldiers promoted More than 300 soldiers promoted

The Namibian Defence Force (NDF) promoted more than 300 soldiers in the Namibian Defence Force (NDF) with effect from 01 March 2017. The promotion covered one Brigadier General, Senior Officers and other ranks. The members promoted were to fill vacancies arising from retirements and other personnel loses.

Officiating at the conferment of ranks ceremony, on behalf of the CDF, Air Vice Marshal (AVM) Martin Pinehas, the Air Force Commander said that promotion is a demonstration of hard work, dedication and discipline of those who were promoted. “It's a reward, therefore, while you are rewarded you are also expected to perform your tasks and duties with diligence, commitment and dedication. Many times when soldiers are promoted to the next ranks, they relax and become bosses instead of becoming leaders. In our environment, we do not groom bosses, we groom leaders. You were lifted by leaders and it is expected of you to equally lift those that are going to be placed under your command”, said the AVM.

Furthermore, the Air Force Commander emphasised that promotion means increased responsibilities. He therefore, urged the newly promoted officers to take care of the soldiers under their command and also to carry out the tasks assigned to them effectively. He then congratulated them, emphasising that the NDF has no doubt that they would continue to perform to the best of their abilities in order to transform the NDF into a truly formidable force.