Sergeant Paulus “The Rock” got promoted early on 04 February 2013 after winning the WBO Bantamweight World title. LT GEN DENGA NDAITWAH, the Chief of the Defence Force (CDF) officiated at a ceremony when he handed over the rank insignias to the Rock. “This boy throughout the fight I was convinced that he will make it, he was really doing business in the ring. He fought a talented fighter who was gentle even when he was punched”, said the CDF.

LT GEN NDAITWAH told The Rock that he made the nation proud, but he has now become a serious opponent to other fighters. He said other boxers will now not rest until they get the belt. “Therefore you must prepare psychological, mentally and otherwise at all times to defend that title”. The CDF said, he believed that Ambunda has the capability through hard work as he did.
“On behalf of the entire NDF and on my own behalf as the Chief of the Defence Force I congratulate you for the job well done. To this end, with effect from 01 March 2013, I promote you to the rank of Warrant Class2 (WO2), once more again congratulations”, said LT GEN NDAITWAH

The soft spoken boxer was speechless but gave a special thanks to the entire NDF for supporting him. “Right now I feel so much excited I’m in good shape still and urge the entire nation just to support boxing. As a champion I just need to maintain discipline and defend my title as many as I can”, said the newly promoted Warrant Officer.

The ceremony was attended by some of the senior officials and Officers of both the Ministry of Defence and the Namibian Defence Force at the Defence Headquarters in Windhoek.

The World Champion also paid a courtesy call to the Minister of Defence, Hon. Nahas Angula. Hon Angula said, “My brother we are all proud with your achievement, you are a good model to our young people, many of them are confused, they are just out there drifting in the air having no purpose and I think your achievement should inspire them to do something. You made Namibia proud, keep it up.”

The Minister also pointed that WO2 Ambunda deserved the promotion he got from the Chief of the Defence.