5000 Camouflage Bibles 5000 Camouflage Bibles

In an effort to get the word of God across the military personnel, the Bible Society of Namibia joined hands with its Australian counterpart to distribute free 5000 Bible in military uniform directly to the Namibian Defence Force (MOD) members. The event took place on 6th October 2009 at the Bible Society of Namibian Premises in Windhoek. The distribution of bibles was an initiative of Intersafe Group, an Australian company specializing in all areas of safety and ergonomics design together with Operational Africa, an international mission organization and the one that printed the bibles. Many African countries such as among others, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Nigeria benefited to this initiative.

Leilani Riddles, the Bible Society of Namibian Marketer explained that “This is part of the mission of Operation Africa, committed to the evangelization of Military Groups in the continent of Africa, saying Riddle, “By reaching military personnel, their goal is to see African nations positively impacted and challenged through the Word of God.

As a non-profit-making organization, Riddles said “it is a dream of Operation Africa to reach military groups of Africa for Jesus Christ. It also wants to see soldiers and members of Africa’s military group reached by those who loved God.”

The mission of Operational Africa is to distribute God’s Word, preach God’s gospel and demonstrate God’s love to the soldiers of Africa.

The Bibles were handed over BY Anita Genis, Communication and Events Manager of the Bible Society of Namibia to Lt Col Onesmus Shanyengange, NDF Chief Chaplain in the presence of Brig Gen Carle Ndjoba, COS Personnel.