Commemoration of Heroes' Day 2018 Commemoration of Heroes' Day 2018

Nkurenkuru, 26 August 2018: Namibians from all corners of the country flocked to Kavango West Region to commemorated Heroes’ Day under the theme “Working for A United, Free and Just Namibia”.

In his keynote addressing H.E. Dr. Hage Geingob, the President of the Republic of Namibia and Commander-In-Chief of the Namibian Defence Force said that the heroes and heroines that were honour today came from all walks of life and from all regions of their motherland. “But they all shared one great character trait. A strong desire to transform their feelings or compassion for their fellow countrymen and women into heroic action”, said the Commander-In- Chief.

Dr. Geingob elaborated further that war is never a good thing, nor desirable. It should not be an option in a free country. “We should remind ourselves that it is always easy to destroy. But, to rebuild is a difficult and complex undertaking. One resorts to war only when diplomacy fails. War should never be an option in a democracy. We should always discuss peacefully”, stated the President.

H.E. Geingob cautioned Namibians not to look back at the darkness of the past.  The President said, “We should look forward, towards the path of peace, healing and national reconciliation. Let us hold hands in the spirit of Unity, Liberty and Justice for the sake of a better Namibia. The land we all call home, the land of the brave sons and daughters whose blood waters our freedom. We should not lose sight of the reasons for which so many Namibians sacrificed their lives. It was about Unity, Liberty and Justice”.

The President requested all Namibians that as they celebrate, commemorate and reflect on this day, 26 August, they should also dedicate themselves, in memory of the brave sons and daughters, to remain committed to the dream of creating a peace loving, united and prosperous country.


Commemoration of Heroes' Day 2018 Commemoration of Heroes' Day 2018