MOD Strategic Plan Launched MOD Strategic Plan Launched

On 7 October 2009, Hon Maj Gen (rtd) Charles Namoloh, MP (Ho-Chi-Minh) Minister of Defence had important task to perform when he officially launched the ministry’s Strategic Planning initiative that will help to clearly articulate goals and priorities and create a future vision of the ministry. Through this initiative, the ministry will best use resources at its disposal and also explore additional resources opportunities.

The Strategic Plan entitled “Ministry of Defence (MOD) Strategic Plan-Five Years (FYs)-2008/9-2012-13),” will be both transparent and consultative and run over a period of five years 2008-2013. As such, this roadmap will invite all stakeholders to participate in its endeavour and further used to navigate and influence the desire to attain set objectives

Upon launching the book, Minister Namoloh said they should not look at the strategic plan as an end product but they must translate it into vital actions, adding that, “these results must be tangible and beneficial to our citizens, residents and valuable to all our stakeholders. The responsibility is on all of us to ensure smooth implementation.”

As part of Strategic Plan leadership, Minister said it was a cornerstone that incorporated a new approaches and performance metrics in the form of balance scorecard that will enable every officer at every level in the organisation to contribute and measure the extent of their contribution.

“This is innovative and in line with government policy and vision 2030 for greater efficiency and improved personal and team productivity,” stressing that as a disciplined force, they are induced to act beyond their boundaries, to think more tactically and strategically on what are important, urgent and to relocate time and scares resources.

Moreover, Hon Namoloh requested all MOD employees to induce concerted effort and continue to support as well as strengthening positive relationship with stakeholders inside and beyond Namibia.

Professor Earle Taylor, President Graduate Institute for Leadership and Professional Development played a facilitating role and prominently contributed to the MOD Strategic Plan exercise.

He explained the exercise as a challenge that brought them at the desired goals. He further said in today’s world, security toped agents of every government and gained a new prominent in the hierarchy of governments. “This is because of destabilising factors such as, securities are called upon to fight and appear themselves for challenges they never seen before,” said Pro Taylor.

He said the job of security and defence will be at good hand if they take the strategic plan with them at a journey for next five years. “I believe to see tremendous improvement in Namibian and beyond.”