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I would like to commend the Commandant, the Staff, and the Instructors of the Military School who made possible this training to be successful.

I know that, the training was not that easy, it was tough and demanding. however, due to your commitment and selfless sacrifices, both mentally and physically, you managed to overcome all those problems on your way, to make this training a success. I am saying this, because I am fully aware of the amount of pressure you have gone through during the past 10 months.

The important massage I would like to put across to you all, is that, you have signed a contract with NDF. This contract is not about money, but it is about the defence of the Republic of Namibia and the services elsewhere in the world. You should be prepared to fight and win the war if it breaks out.

Some of you might be of the impression that you only joined the force for employment but will never fight. Remember one of the major objectives of the NDF is to wage a war in defence of the state and its people. Hence fighting becomes one of your primary objective. I assure you that if the war breaks out, all movements, including leave and resignation will be stopped to ensure effective defence of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country. I am not here advocating war, but is a matter of life that you should prepare yourselves, physically, mentally and psychologically to defend your motherland.

I want to urge you to be exemplary in all your endeavours. I want also to assure you that, your life will be bright for furthering your future career development in the Defence Force. However, all these will come if you are disciplined, devoted and have your country at heart and more importantly if you have all necessary qualities of a good soldier. I have no doubt in my mind that today you are feeling that you are now soldiers. You can now confidently walk, talk and are ready for the challenges that lie ahead. Make use of the knowledge you gained at the Military School to fulfil your national duties.

The training that you underwent was meant to insert you into the defence system. It takes time to reach or attain the status of a professional soldier, hence there is a need to go and learn from those who are already on the job.

Gender Sensitisation at MOD

The dawn of post-independent Namibia raises the possibility of an entirely new public administration paradigm. Government of the Republic of Namibia proclaimed an Affirmative Action Act, 1998 (Act 29 of 1998) that calls for Government institutions and the private sector to create, administer and foster equal opportunities for all in employment irrespective of race, sex and disability.

To ensure commitment to achieve equal opportunity in employment as laid down in the Namibian Constitution, MoD undertook to implement government Affirmative Action Act programmes. This aimed at redressing, through appropriate plans, the conditions of disadvantaged persons arising from past discriminatory laws and practices. We instituted procedures that would contribute towards the elimination of discrimination in employment.

As a department of state, MoD has an obligation to implement Affirmative Action Act (No 29 of 1998) in order to achieve government goal of attaining a balanced personnel in all sectors of employment.

MoD has established an Affirmative Action Committee (AAC) that drafted the ministerial Affirmative Action Plan in accordance with the Affirmative Action Act requirements. This Committee has consulted widely with the purpose of identifying barriers in employment practices and proposed measures to overcome them.

To achieve the aim of the Affirmative Action Plan, MoD identified equitable representation of racially disadvantaged people, women and persons with disabilities and job categories.