Common Cancer in Namibia. Common Cancer in Namibia.

Windhoek, 22 August 2018: The Division of Special Programs under the Directorate of Defence Health Services held a presentation on Common Cancer in Namibia.

Speaking during the official opening, Hon. Billy Mwaningange, Deputy Minister of Defence said that workplace based interventions have proven to be effective as employees spend most of their time at work. For that reason the MOD recognizes that workplace wellness program is very important in the Defence Sector that is why today the MOD family were sharing information among themselves on Common Cancer in Namibia.

Col Mariane Muvangua, the Head Special Programs Division, presented the cancer education awareness focused on prevention, treatment, care and support services.

The Division also conducted the same presentation to units around Windhoek and will continue to educate members in the Defence Force during the next two weeks.

Presentation on Common Cancer in Namibia. Presentation on Common Cancer in Namibia.